Orthorexia: The Newest Eating Disorder

By First Posted: Nov 21, 2017 Tue 4:18 AM
Orthorexia: The Newest Eating Disorder
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Those were simple times when the only eating disorder known to humankind was "overeating". From eating too much we wet on to eating too less and Anorexia / Bulimia became common disorders that everyone has heard about. Almost all models in business suffer from either or both of these two. If this wasn't nad enough, now we have a new eating disorder in our society.

Orthorexia is the obsesion with eating clean and healthy food. The obsession becomes so bad that it starts interfering with enjoyment of food, social relationships and even daily activities. A person suffering from Orthorexia displays following symptoms:

- Being obsessed with eating certain foods and not eating certain food groups.

- Planning rest of life and activities around the most important t hing - sticking to a meal plan.

- Avoiding eating out or social gathering and events as the meal plan may have to be given up for that one evening.

- Feeling good about being able to make healthy choices - feeling proud over this achievement.

- Looking down upon people who do not display similar passion for eating by the rules - or people who do not agree with these rules

Surprisingly, Orthorexia is very comon but it often goes undetected because it can be hidden beneath a health/fitness obsession. The patient himself, and the people around him, believe he is healthy and do not think for a moment that this could be an eating disorder!

If you think you, or a loved one suffers from Orthorxia, it is time to talk to someone about it - preferably a professional.

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