5 Symptoms of Depression that Should not be Ignored.

By First Posted: Oct 31, 2017 Tue 12:59 PM Updated: Aug 11, 2018 Sat 11:55 PM
5 Symptoms of Depression that Should not be Ignored.
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Depression is a severe issue that needs attention before it damages our well-being. Most of the time we misinterpret emotions like sadness and being depressed as one. But, the fact is that both are very different in terms of their longevity. Depression is an extreme stage of being sad and demotivated that can turn against your well-being and presence in this crowded world.

Depression symptoms aren't always as obvious as frequent crying and overwhelming despair. Oftentimes the changes are subtle, and the person may not notice, but their friends and loved ones may. Here we have 5 major symptoms of depression that should not be ignored

>Trouble Sleeping: Being depressed can make you restless and sometimes can cause sleep loss. Despite being slower in performance and motivation, depressed people repeatedly lie awake at night, unable to sleep.

>Increase in Energy: Depressed people exhibit some extreme energy which can go against their will and feelings. Ironically, when depressed people have made a decision to do something drastic, such as killing themselves, they may go from apathetic and slowed to more energetic.

>Change in Appetite: If you find your friend changing his appetite in a random manner then you can make sure that something is wrong going with him. Some people overeat when they're depressed or anxious, but in people with severe depression, the opposite is usually true.

>Touchiness: In some people, depression establishes as more irritability and impatience than feeling down.

>Inching towards loneliness: Depression takes you to a long road of loneliness and dark. If you are feeling alone amongst your best friends then certainly you are not feeling yourself and it could be a sign of being depressed.

So, if you see any of the above 5 signs in your behavior, make sure that you are taking effective measures to control it.

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