What to Look for in a Good Protein Bar?

By First Posted: Oct 28, 2017 Sat 2:12 AM
What to Look for in a Good Protein Bar?
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It is normal nowadays that people are more inclined to be healthy and fit. In a rush when you want to just have a bite of sandwich or a candy, you opt for protein bar just to make a healthy choice to maintain your fitness regime. But, do you know all protein bars are not healthy and there are many more subsets that are needed to be matched when you are eating a protein bar for a healthy regime.

The problem with this “health food” is when you read the nutrition label to find that it has about 30 grams of sugar and only 15 grams of protein. So in order to know which protein bar is actually good for your health, here we have some specific tips that you can look for in a good protein bar.

>The Protein Bar Should Have At Least 20 Grams of Protein: It is of no use if the protein bar you are consuming is not giving you a sufficient percentage of protein as an ingredient to your body. According to the research, 20 grams will give your muscles a little burst of protein synthesis.

>The Protein Bar Should Use Whey Protein: It is seen in most of the cases that some companies try to boost the total amount of protein by diluting it with soy, and if you really want an optimal snack then you should be looking for whey. Keep this fact in your mind when next time you eat a protein bar.

>The fewer Ingredients in The Protein Bar, the Better: The most important tip of all is saved for last, which is the fewer ingredients you find in a protein bar, the better. If there are more ingredients in your protein bar composition that’s a sign it’s best to look for another protein bar.

So, above are some specific facts to look for in a good protein bar.

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