How to Eat With a Low Carbon Footprint?

By First Posted: Oct 22, 2017 Sun 8:32 PM
How to Eat With a Low Carbon Footprint?
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What we eat indirectly or directly affect our surrounding and the impact of it is global. Do you know that carbon emission is one of the major reasons for the depletion of world environment? Researchers from many universities have highlighted the environmental impacts and carbon contribution of what people in the province eat.

Unless we reduce man-made emissions, the average temperature of our planet will rise, making both floods and droughts more severe.  In order to make some amends to reduce carbon emission, here we will give you some tips on how you can improve your diet and what you can eat to lower down the carbon footprint.

A low carbon diet means making lifestyle choices to reduce greenhouse gases. Such a diet minimizes emissions released from the production, packaging, processing, transport, preparation and waste of food. The diet involves reducing the following foods:

  • food that’s heavily produced and packaged
  • products that must be transported from across the country or world
  • out-of-season foods
  • general food waste


You can prefer eating organic food and reduce dairy items to reduce carbon emission while eating. You can do your part to help reduce climate change by choosing the right foods to eat. It is found that a low carbon diet is not only good for the earth but also good for your overall health. Here are some of the food choice strategies you can adopt to help both people and planet. 

local and organic foods

Limit meat and dairy

Eat fewer processed foods

Prepare vegan, drought-friendly meals 

So make your efforts to help our planet earth by eating the right kind of food.


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