Is Vikas the Smartest Contestant in Bigg Boss House This Year?

By First Posted: Oct 20, 2017 Fri 2:10 PM
Is Vikas the Smartest Contestant in Bigg Boss House This Year?
Image Credit: IndianExpress

Bigg Boss season 11 has been full of controversies from the day one. This year the contestants in the house are way more cunning than most of the contestants from the previous seasons. It feels like this year Vikas Gupta is the smartest contestant among the lot and knows how to play his cards to make other people join him to create hullabaloo inside the house.

If you see the recent week’s episodes Vikas has used all his manipulative words to create disturbances inside the main living room even after being in the jail of Bigg Boss. Vikas has always been a man of manipulation and can make others indulge into his fight to create an issue inside the house.

Call it being cunning or smart, in a place like Bigg Boss one has to be smart enough to play with other people’s mind and create assumptions to make some real rigid stand to favor a concern to stay in the house. Vikas as a person and as a contestant of Bigg Boss knows how to play the game and win.

It seems like he is the one who is making decisions by not taking them but by making others take them for him. Isn’t this smart? What do you say? Is Vikas the smartest contestant in Bigg Boss house this year or do you have anyone else in your mind?

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