Do You Suffer from Iron Deficiency?

By First Posted: Oct 20, 2017 Fri 3:43 AM
Do You Suffer from Iron Deficiency?
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Anaemia is a common disorder that affections milllions of people worldwide. It is very common in India and especially so amongst women. One reason is that many girls in our country are still unable to access proper food and nutrition. Another reason is the pressure on women to look good and be slim. In order to achieve their dream figure, women are often dieting and mising out on healthy minerals that their bodies need.

Do You Have Iron Deficiency?

Some symptoms of iron deficiency often go unnoticed because they seem so insignificant. Here are a few symptoms that should never be ignored!

- Pica or the weird desire to eat non-food items like clay, dirt, hair, chalk etc. This is more common in children, but it is often found in anaemic adults also.

- Palpitations are usually considered to be a heart problem. But did you know that palpitations can also be caused by iron deficiency? When the Haemoglobin level is low, heart has to work harder to supply oxygen to the body. This can cause heart failure in extreme cases.

- Shortness of breath is also a symptom of low HB level in body.

- Fatigue is a very common syptom of Anaemia. The body is unable to carry out functions normally because of low iron level.

- Cold hands and feet is also a manifestation of low Haemoglobin in blood.

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