Eating Nuts is Good for Your Health, but Don't Overdo It!

By First Posted: Oct 19, 2017 Thu 2:24 PM Updated: Jun 4, 2019 Tue 7:49 AM
Eating Nuts is Good for Your Health, but Don't Overdo It!
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Are you maintaining a healthy diet to remain healthy? It is known to all that eating nuts in your diet is a healthy food item to consume but, as we all know that anything in excess is harmful to our body, thus, it is same with nuts too. If we are over-eating it, the reaction of nuts in our body won’t be favoring our health.

Based on the research made by science followers, it seems that nuts are a healthy choice for most people if they can eat it in a minimal quantity. But does that mean we can go overboard? Probably not. As with any food, it’s about eating the right amount. Not too much and not too little.

Nuts if consumed in an excessive quantity can lead to inflammation and obesity. Yes, you heard it right. Yes, nuts contain fat and are high in calories. And can increase your weight if consumed in higher quantity. Gaining weight and becoming obese is a complex process but with eating nuts in high quantity will make you pile on the pounds.

Also, it is true that nuts help in reducing inflammation in our body and skin but if over boarded can increase the levels of inflammation too.

So, try utilizing the healthy impacts of eating nuts rather than facing the side effects of eating it in bulk.

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