5 Reasons Why 40s is the Best Decade of Your Life

By First Posted: Oct 19, 2017 Thu 5:14 AM Updated: Aug 3, 2018 Fri 4:18 AM
5 Reasons Why 40s is the Best Decade of Your Life
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You must have heard that the 40s are new 20s. It is true in a way. A few decades ago people in 20s were regarded as young and 40s was considered middle age. But today people in 40s are as young, healthy and charming as their friends in 20s or 30s. Sure, it takes a little effort to maintain that good health, but 40s are hardly middle age anymore!

5 Reasons Why Your 40s are the Best Years of Your Life

1. You are financially independent and sort-of settled. There is less tension about money and you can buy most things you want to buy.

2. You have earned a certain respect in society just by being in your 40s! People consider you as sensible and mature and youngsters respect you for your wise years. It is immaterial how kiddish you really might be!

3. The pressure to look good and dress well according to latest fashion is much less. Sure you still compete, but with other 40 year olds and they are not that competitive!

4. You are not so young that you have to struggle with education or beginning a career. You are neither so old that you cannot enjoy life to the max.

5. This is the best time to make friends with like minded people, socialize and build your social circle according to your choice.

Truly, the 40s are your best decade!

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