World Egg Day - 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have Eggs Everyday!

By First Posted: Oct 16, 2017 Mon 1:06 PM
World Egg Day - 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have Eggs Everyday!
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2nd week’s Friday in October is celebrated as World’s Egg Day. World Egg Day was established at the IEC Vienna 1996 conference when it was decided to celebrate World Egg Day on the second Friday in October each year. The World Egg day is celebrated in order to raise awareness among people in general about the importance of consuming egg on a regular basis. Egg day is an exceptional opportunity to help raise attentiveness of the benefits of eggs and their important role in life and is celebrated all around the world.

Here below we have reasons why everyone should have eggs every day:

>One of Nature’s Most Perfect Foods: Egg is one of the most natural forms of food items that consume almost all necessary vitamins in it. On average, chicken eggs contain tons of vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, folate, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, zinc, and a host of B vitamins including B5, B12, B6, as well as Vitamin D, E, and K.

>Great Brain Food: Everyone has heard of calcium and iron improving brain cells. But most people have never heard of choline, yet it is super important and is often grouped with B vitamins. An egg has the component Choline that actually improves brain cells and thereby repair any brain damage.

>Reduce the risk of Heart Diseases: Eating egg on a regular basis will surely reduce the risk of any kind of heart-related diseases.

>Good for eye health: As we age-old day by day, so does our eye. Our eyes age with us, generally leading to poor vision and, occasionally, even eye diseases. However, powerful nutrients like zeaxanthin and lutein can reduce eye damage. Eggs are found of having all important nutrients that can reduce the risk of eye damage.

>Improves HDL (good) Cholesterol: HDL is considered to be the “good” cholesterol. Those with higher levels of HDL have lower risks of stroke, heart disease, and other health problems. Eggs naturally increase your body’s HDL cholesterol levels. One study showed that subjects who ate 2 eggs daily over a 6 week period had increased their HDL levels by 10 percent.

So, above benefits of eating eggs are something you cannot ignore.

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