How to Help Your Children Keep Their Rooms Clean

By First Posted: Oct 15, 2017 Sun 3:10 AM Updated: Jul 31, 2018 Tue 2:30 AM
How to Help Your Children Keep Their Rooms Clean
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If there is one problem modern parents have, it is getting kids to do chores like cleaning their own rooms. Most kids in today's generation are so pampered and loved by their prents that they expect everything to be done for them all the time. As parents we are failing to teach our kids to be responsible. Messy rooms is one common manifestation of this.

How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms

- If the room is very messy, it will seem like a big mountain to a little child. So make sure that the room never gets to this stage. Get your kid to clean the room regularly.

- Divide the cleanup into little tasks that the child can conquer one by one.

- Inculcate the habit of putting away toys after play. This one habit will contribute most towards keeping kids room and the home clean.

- If nothing seems to work, offer rewards for cleanliness. For example, link pocket money with cleanliness. One lady gave her 4 year old 5 bucks for every mess free day. She would evaluate the room in the evening and decide if the kid had earned her money or not!

- Offer to help when you think the task seems too challenging. 

Start early on these habits and watch your child develop into a more responsible kid.

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