How to Spot Financial Infidelity

By First Posted: Oct 12, 2017 Thu 2:33 AM Updated: May 23, 2019 Thu 8:05 AM
How to Spot Financial Infidelity
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When we hear the word infidelity, we immediately see images of one partner cheating the other. We conjure up images of a man having an extra marital affair and his poor wife weeping at home. But infidelity is not just physical or emotional. There is something called financial infidelity too!

What is Financial Infidelity?

Lying to your partner about money related issues or hiding matters of finance from your partner comprise financial infidelity. It can be as serious as someone buying a property without the knowledge of her partner, or as small as buying that Gucci purse without telling your husband! It can also take the form of one partner helping out his/her family financially without informing the other. You might think it's a small thing, but such lying and hiding of information is quite serious and can even break relationships.

How to Spot Financial Infidelity

- When you see too many packages and new purchases in your home.

- When your partner avoids discussing finances.

- When your partner is very careful about not letting you see their credit card or bank information.

- When your partner is not too happy to share bank password etc with you.

- When you feel your partner is hiding something from you - and you know his/her family is going through money problems.

- When your partner always wants to go shopping alone or with friends.

Usually married couples are close enough to know when something fishy is going on. So trust your instincts and bring this matter up if you feel your partner is up to something. Have a heart to heart talk on the matter and explain that your shared wealth is your shared future and that there should be no secrets!

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