How to Get the Most Benefit Out of Your Garlic

By First Posted: Oct 5, 2017 Thu 4:09 AM
How to Get the Most Benefit Out of Your Garlic
Image Credit: Organic Facts

We all know that rating garlic can provide many health benefits, especially for the heart's health. It is great that our Indian diet makes ample use of this superfood in most recipes. But one thing that we do not know is how to get the maximum benefit out of garlic.

Reent research shows that crushing garlic, and keeping it aside for 10 minutes is the best way to use it. The benefits of garlic are becuse of a compound called Allicin. This compound is not found in garlic cloves when they are whole. It is formed by chemical reaction between molecule Alliin and enzyme Alliinase. These two are found in different parts of the cells in garlic. So chopping or crushing garlic helps in bringing them together to start the reaction that will form Allicin. 

This is why scientists say that garlic should be crushed and kept aside for 10 minutes before use. It is also advisable to add the crushed garlic to your dish only when it is nearing the end of cooking process as the heat destroys all beneficial elements in garlic. For best results, try adding crushed garlic to raw foods like chutneys and salad dressings!

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