Etiquette for Dinner Guests

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Etiquette for Dinner Guests
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Have you ever had a dinner guest who irritated you so much that you decided to never invite her again? 

We have all had similar experiences with some guests who have no etiquette regarding how to behave as a guest But has it ocurred to you that even you might lack the basic dinner guest etiquette? Read on to find out what good behaviour as a dinner guest is...

Dinner Guest Etiquette

- Inform your host of any specific food restrictions much before the event. If you are a vegan, tell your host much in advance so that preparations can be made accordingly.

- If you have any allergies, let the host know in advance. It is most irritating to find out at the dinner table that your guest has a nut allergy, especially if you have put nuts in every dish!!!

- Do not bring over your own pots of food unless it is a potluck event.

- Arriving too late is a big turn off. Try to arrive as close to the appointed time as possible.

- Do not get into arguments at the dinner table. It is easy to get into debates about politics, religion etc. But if you feel the debate is heating up, tactfully try to switch to a different topic.

- Do not insist on helping. It is great to offer, but if you feel the hostess is not inclined to accept help, drop it. The guests who offer to help, then take over the kitchen - they are so irritating!

Now you have a fairly good idea of how good and charming a guest you are!

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