How to Clean the Interior of Your Car

By First Posted: Oct 1, 2017 Sun 1:07 AM Updated: May 9, 2019 Thu 7:00 AM
How to Clean the Interior of Your Car
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The festival season is in full swing and if you have not already given your home a makeover, you are probably doing it right now! All Indian families clean their homes inside out during this festive season, especially just before Divali. We lovingly clean and decorate our residences for the arrival of Ganpati, Maa Durga, and finally Maa Laxmi in the festive season. But one part of our homes that sometimes goes overlooked is the family car (or cars). 

Most middle class families own one or two cars and every morning we witness all the cars in our neighbourhood being washed or cleaned. But how often do we see someone cleaning the interior of their car? If you think your car needs some TLC on the inside, here is how you can do it yourself!

Tips to Clean the Interiors of Your Car

- Start by buying (or borrowing) a car vaccum clean if you don't already have one!

- If you have a pet that often travels in the car, removing pet hair is the first priority. Spray water over the surfaces and use a squeegee to get rid of all the pet hair.

- Use a toothbrush to get all little bits of trash, hair, dust and grime settled in between seams of th cushions.

- Pull out all the floor mats and dust them thoroughly. Vaccum them once they look clean.

- Slide all the seats forward and backward, removing every bit of trash you find in the corners. Vaccum everywhere before putting the mats back in.

- Use the vaccum and a brush together to clean the dashboard. Remove dust and grime from all the vents etc using the brush. Side by side, use the vaccum to suck up the dust your other hand is removing from the vents. When these two things are done together, you can make sure that the dust you remove from one spot does not settle down in another!

- Use a toothbrush and gentle soap to clean the vinyl surfaces which may have grime embedded in them.

- If you have leather on the dashboard, use olive oil to condition and polish it. Rub the oil with a clean cloth into the leather surface.

- If you have any spots on the seats that need to be cleaned, use a washcloth with gentle soap or washing soda to rub the marks off the seat. You can wash the seat covers in your laundry.

Good job cleaning your car inside out!


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