Guess How Much is Salman Getting Paid for Hosting Bigg Boss 11?

By First Posted: Sep 26, 2017 Tue 7:27 PM
Guess How Much is Salman Getting Paid for Hosting Bigg Boss 11?
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Salman Khan is no doubt to be one of the biggest stars in Bollywood. Bhaijaan’s presence is what the audiences need to make a movie hit in both theatres and Television. We all know that Salman Khan has always been a part of Bigg Boss franchise, however, with the last season’s rift; there was some news that Salman will not be a part of the next season of Big Boss franchise. But there is no more truth to that news. Recently Salman has confirmed to be a part of the most controversial show Big Boss and he is being paid a whopping amount by the channel head to host the show.

This will be Salman's eighth time as a Bigg Boss host and the paycheck is only getting fatter. If reports are to be believed, Salman is getting Rs 11 crore per episode for hosting the show and this is a big amount as compared to his last fee, where he was getting Rs 8 crore for each episode.

If the news is turned out to be true, Salman will be the highest paid movie star on TV. Salman has been hosting the show since season 4. It is for the eighth time when the actor will host the show with a unique theme - padosi.

We are very eagerly waiting for the new season to go live. Are you excited too?

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