7 Ways Our Parenting Styles are Failing

By First Posted: Sep 25, 2017 Mon 7:48 AM
7 Ways Our Parenting Styles are Failing
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Parenting styles have evolved over the last few generations. Strict parenting style has given way to a more lenient and friendly approach. But how much good has this done? Do you think you are a better parent to your kids than your parents were to you? 

7 Parenting Fails in the Modern Generation

If you are a parent of little kids or even teenagers today, you will identify with these 7 points.

1. Using technology as the babysitter. Whenever parents need some time to themselves, they give a screen hooked to the internet to their kids. It is a win-win situation, right? No. The excessive screen time is no good for children.

2. Not being able to say NO. Our parents knew how to refuse our demands when required. Can we? If your three year old wants an expensive doll, most likely you will buy it for her. This may seem innocent, but we are spoiling our children and they will never learn to accept NO.

3. Not able to discipline children. It is considered bad to get angry with your child these days. Most parents try to deal with bad behaviour in a friendly way. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it just doesn't. We need to be more firm with our children, but our hearts melt so quickly!!!

4. Being an FB parent. The FB parents do everything for FaceBook. Every action is done so that it can be captured and shared with the world. This is not only shallow, but it can also have far reaching outcomes for the children.

5. Not sending kids out to play. Most parents just don't want the hassle of taking children to the park every evening simply because they are busy with their own careers and chores. As a result, children play within confined spaces, most often with a screen of some sort!

6. Little communication with children. As busy as they are, a lot of parents are using modern technology to keep in touch with their young children. So texting is the most common way for kids to interact with their parents. The real connection seems to have been lost. Parents and children are not spending much time together as a family any more!

7. Putting too much stress in looks. Modern parents dress their children every day as if they are going to meet the Prime Minister of the country! Some times parents go overboard and start dressing their little children to look sexy! This makes the children care too much about their appearance and they want to look 'hot' like the movie stars.

If you think you are indulging in any of these bhevaiours as a parent, it is time to think about and change your parenting style perhaps?


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