Why do Most Diets Promote Reduction in Carbohydrate Consumption?

By First Posted: Sep 20, 2017 Wed 1:02 AM
Why do Most Diets Promote Reduction in Carbohydrate Consumption?
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Ever since the Atkins diet became popular in 1950s, a lot of research has been done in dietary composition and its link with obesity. Many other diets (call them fad diets if you will!) have followed the same basic principle and become very popular with the masses. The basic principle of these diets is to reduce intake of carbohydrates, while increasing the intake of fats.

Why do low carb diets work for most people? 

It is easy to lose weight with a low carb diet simply because this type of diet reduces your water weight and the effect is seen in a quick span of time. Carbohydrates are stored as Glycogen in the muscles and liver. Experts say that each gram of Glycogen is bound with 3 grams of water. What happens if you take away the Glycogen? Do the maths! Not only are you losing the water weight that your body has been holding on to, you are also burning protein and fats for energy when the carbs go missing! These are the two reasons why low carn diets seem to work quickly at least in the beginning.

Will such a diet work for you? Keep coming back to read more on this topic!

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