Kangana is a Total BadAss in the New AIB Video, and We Totally Love It!

By First Posted: Sep 15, 2017 Fri 7:01 PM
Kangana is a Total BadAss in the New AIB Video, and We Totally Love It!
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Kangana is everywhere now and her presence is well felt across media channels these days. Kangana who is well known for her outspoken and bindaas bad ass attitude is making news from the moment her interview went viral with Rajat Sharma. The recent video that went viral of Kangana’s is the video in which she is seen throwing some dark shades on how feminism is considered in Bollywood.

Kangana is a total badass in the new AIB video and it is interesting to see her collaborating with online media channel to broadcast her way of thinking and out bursting her thoughts on how exactly movie business works. This time, along with AIB, she's speaking up against the sexism that exists in the industry - ranging from female leads only being the 'love interest' of the hero to the age gap between the male and female lead in a hilarious song called 'The Bollywood Diva Song'! This video will have you chuckling with the lyrics and funny timing.

There is no two option when it comes to what Kangana’s opinion is on the movie business. Her cool nature and her spontaneous attitude are what we love the most about her. The video collaboration with AIB is a highlight on what Kangana stands for. She is an actress who will not settle for any less than the top actors in the business.

What do you think of Kangana’s badass attitude in the AIB video? Isn’t it the truth of what Bollywood stands for?


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