Impotent Baba Turns Out to be a Sex Addict!

By First Posted: Sep 12, 2017 Tue 7:35 PM
Impotent Baba Turns Out to be a Sex Addict!
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There is a new headline every day nowadays covering a masala news on Ram Rahim Baba. It is not hidden to the people in India that the so called baba is now in jail for raping his followers and is still making news headlines.

A fortnight since Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has been boarded in the Rohtak jail after being convicted of raping his followers, jail authorities on Saturday called a team of doctors, including a psychiatrist, to conduct a health check-up on him. The self-proclaimed godman apparently nitpicked of uneasiness to the team of doctors who examined him at the Rohtak jail.

If we go with the sources, the doctors who examined the so called Baba proclaimed that Baba has some serious health issues and it seems to be nothing less than being a sex addict. A doctor who was part of the team that examined Ram Rahim in the jail said that "The baba is, in fact, a sex addict. He has no access to physical pleasures in the jail which is the cause for his restlessness. He can be treated. However, if the treatment is delayed, it can lead to a bigger problem.”

Ram Rahim has made no stone turned when he proclaimed himself to be impotent during a court trial and now the doctor’s examination report is making some serious declaration that makes us believe that Baba is not only a rapist but also a sex addict patient. Initially, when Ram Rahim was convicted as a rapist and was put to jail, Gurmeet Ram Rahim had requested the jail authorities to allow Honeypreet, his closest aide, to stay with him in the jail. However, it was not the law that permits this kind of activities inside a covered jail courtyard.

Well, it is now clear that impotent baba is uncovered in front of the public to be a sex addict.


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