Are You Really Over Your Ex?

By First Posted: Sep 10, 2017 Sun 5:28 AM Updated: Mar 12, 2020 Thu 7:46 AM
Are You Really Over Your Ex?
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It is very easy to fall in love and forge a relationship with someone, what is difficult is to to sustain the relationship. We never think of breakup when we fall in love, but it is the bitter truth that more romantic relationships will break up than not! Often in the heat of moment, we walk away from our beloved, but to what end? 

Did you break up with someone recently? Are you really over him? If you find yourself still thinking of him and moping as you do it, most likely you are still in love with this guy!

Signs You Are Not Over Your Ex

- You wish to be friends with him after breaking up

- You want him to miss you and want you back

- You keep in touch with his friends and regularly keep checking with them for news about his love life

- You check his social media pages at least a few times every day

- You spend more time thinking about him than you do in social activities

- You are ready to get back together with him if he approaches you

- You can't go through one day without talking about him a few times

- Even though you feel you might be ready to move on, you don't want him to move on

If this is your state of mind, you are definitely not over your ex. What you need is proper closure and time to accept that you are not getting back together - unless that is what you really want!


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