Which Bollywood Celebrity Takes the Best Selfies?

By First Posted: Sep 9, 2017 Sat 8:07 PM
Which Bollywood Celebrity Takes the Best Selfies?
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Bollywood is full of glamour and golden text is what makes the golden town run. As we all know that 21stcentury is an era of selfies and camera flashing. As we all have the craze for selfies, so does our celebrities from B-town. Can we rank our favorite celebrities in terms of who takes the best selfies? Yes, we can certainly do that. Here below we have a list of Bollywood celebrities who take the best selfies.

>Priyanka Chopra: When it comes to taking selfies and posing in front of the camera, our PC is the best one for the job. Priyanka has posted some hot sexy selfies that have molded the social sites up on hang. Recently this year Priyanka posted a picture with a mermaid look and the picture was so enticing that it went viral and got her the likes which other insta followers can only imagine.

 >Jacqueline Fernandez: The Srilankan beauty is all about beauty and sexy selfies. The actress who has about more than million followers in the social media has always shown her perfect face. Her selfies are so intriguing that you can just watch her for hours.

>Katrina Kaif: Our very own Shelia is nowhere less when it comes to taking selfies. Katrina has always been a sport and has been always confident of her skin. Katrina’s selfies are a fascinating dream that is worth dreaming.

>Lisa Haydon: The foreigner goes desi with Bollywood is one of best selfie queens in the B-town. Yes, Lisa always rocks selfies and there is no second opinion to it.

>Alia Bhatt: How can we forget, the cutie pie of Bollywood cinema. Alia is the most adorable celebrity on the internet and her selfies are internet sensations. Alia has always been a fashion admirer and she definitely knows how to take best selfies when it comes to heating up the internet.

Do you agree with the above list of celebrities?

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