Get to Know Nirmala Sitharaman: India's First Woman Defence Minister.

By First Posted: Sep 7, 2017 Thu 8:40 PM
Get to Know Nirmala Sitharaman: India's First Woman Defence Minister.
Image Credit: nationaldefence

Indian political system has reached a new range of change with Nirmala Sitharaman being elected as a defence minister in India. This is the first time in Indian policy that a female is sitting in this position as a full-time nominee. Nirmala Sitharaman became India’s second woman defence minister after she was elected to the Cabinet this Sunday. Indira Gandhi had served as the defence minister in 1975 and again in 1980–82. However, Sitharaman is the first woman to hold the position full-time.

Our brand new Defence minister is actually an economics M.Phil student and originally belongs from Tamil Nadu. In 2008, Nirmala joined the BJP and by 2010 became the party’s second woman spokesperson after Sushma Swaraj. After BJP came to power in 2014, she was made the minister of state for commerce and now she is on the top of the ladders to serve our country.

 According to sources, after taking the oath this Sunday as the defence minister, she said, “Somebody who has come from a small town, grown into the party with all the support of the leadership, and if given such responsibility, it just makes you feel sometimes that cosmic grace is there. Otherwise, it is impossible.”

 Sitharaman has been made defence minister in less than two years. She is strong and has the ability to deal with structural insufficiencies and bring in defence reforms for real. We are happy to see Nirmala in a position that literally empowers women in whole. We congratulate her on her new position and wish that her reforms will take our country to new level achievements.

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