Is Divyanka Tripathi Dead? Twitter Thinks So!

By First Posted: Sep 4, 2017 Mon 9:21 PM
Is Divyanka Tripathi Dead? Twitter Thinks So!
Image Credit: indiatvnews

Social media can be little tricky and also be misguiding when it comes to jumping into conclusions with some silly rumors. Recently on Twitter, a very famous TV actress was declared as dead and the news was so highlighted that the actress was forced to reply back to some baseless rumors of her being dead. The actress was none other than Divyanki Tripathi.

As we all know that Divyanki is a familiar face and name in Indian TV audiences, her sudden death news was a shocking revelation on the social media and was taken a level where people were sharing crying emoji’s to console her family and friends.

Someone started scattering demise rumors about the popular TV actress and that actually made her fans really worried. However, the Ye Hai Mohobbatein actress instantaneously took to social media to clarify that she is alive. Divyanaa, in a tweet, mentioned, “Someone’s spreading the news about me being in #RIPmode. Guys I’m very much alive. Please don’t trouble my friends and family with such rumors.” After the reply from the actress, all her fans were relieved.

This is not a first time on social media platform when a celebrity was declared dead. False rumors of TV actors and Bollywood celebs keep socializing every now and then on social media. Recently it was veteran actor Dilip Kumar who was rumored to have passed away. 

Well, we are happy that Divyanka is all good and there is nothing more to worry about the baseless rumors surrounding her death.

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