Full Circle: The Drama Company Will Replace Kapil Sharma's Show.

By First Posted: Sep 2, 2017 Sat 2:39 PM
Full Circle: The Drama Company Will Replace Kapil Sharma's Show.
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The Kapil Sharma Show is no doubt to be one of the highest TRP earning shows in Indian television. However, all been said and done the show is no more earning the publicity it was gathering before the unit of the show were close and flexible. With the rift between Kapil and Sunil Grover, and former being moving out of the show, the show has become a boat without an oar. Moreover, with Kapil’s health issues the show is getting some hard time to broadcast their production in the media houses. If we go with the talk of the town, Kapil’s show will go off air soon and a new comedy show named The Drama Company will take over the slot.

If you do not remember, The Drama Company will be hosted by Kapil’s rival Krushna Abhishek and will also have Sunil Grover along his side. A source close to the Kapil’s show informed us that the show has been stalled in controversy ever since Kapil fought with his co-star Sunil Grover. And the bump of Kapil's health issues has involuntarily forced the actor to cancel the shoots of The Kapil Sharma Show more than often. Kapil's health has gone for a toss and hence the makers have seemingly decided to end the show for now. The Drama Company will replace The Kapil Sharma Show and will run on the same time as Kapil’s.

Let’s see what decisions are forecasted by the channel head of Sony. Will The Kapil Sharma Show go off air and Krushna’s The Drama Company will replace it instead? It looks like a full circle of Kapil’s and Krushna’s journey of controversies.


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