Kapil Sharma Cancels Another Shoot - Why Does Sony Not Fire Him for Unprofessionalism?

By First Posted: Aug 30, 2017 Wed 7:41 PM Updated: Aug 30, 2017 Wed 7:47 PM
Kapil Sharma Cancels Another Shoot - Why Does Sony Not Fire Him for Unprofessionalism?
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Kapil Sharma is one of the best comedians that we have today in our nation. Well, with the recent rift and ongoing issues with Kapil with his work colleagues have made several headlines in the media. This rift has created a bad name and that has resulted with dropping TRPs for the channel. However, still 'The Kapil Sharma Show' is on air and we are wondering what more heights will Kapil go to show his unprofessionalism.

Recently when the slot for the shooting was scheduled for this Sunday’s episode, Kapil Sharma canceled the shoot without giving any valid reason for the cancellation and went off to his residence from the shooting place.

If we go in detail, when the cast of Baadshaho went for the shoot for the Sunday’s episode, the shoot was canceled because Kapil was not willing to shoot on that day. The latest news that was reported was that Ajay Devgan was ranting when he was told that Kapil will not shoot for Sunday’s episode. It seems his phone was shut off and even his team could not give a proper answer. Later, reports surfaced that he suffered a panic attack while others said he could not wake up on time after a late night. Ajay walked off from the sets and the rest followed suit.

A source close to the management tells us that Sony is mighty displeased with Kapil’s attitude. Don’t you think the level of unprofessionalism is hiking high and is moving above the surface? We hope everything that Kapil is facing gets sorted out and the show regains its TRP and goodwill among celebrities and public in general.

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