10 Hacks to Lose Weight Without Exercising or Dieting

By First Posted: Aug 30, 2017 Wed 3:00 AM
10 Hacks to Lose Weight Without Exercising or Dieting
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Weight loss is usually a struggle. We eat less, we try to be more active, but eventually most of us just give up!

However, there are a few hacks, or shall we say lifestyle changes, that will be easy to stick with - yet will give you desired results over a period of time.

10 Easy Hacks to Lose Weight

- Switch to black coffee or green tea. By cutting out sugar and dairy from your cuppa, you are cutting major calories, especially if you enjoy a few cups of tea or coffee daily.

- Get more sun, and as soon as possible! Research shows that people who wake up early and get plenty of sunshine weigh less than those who don't.

- Use lemons to detox. Get a dose of Vit C by adding a dash of lemon juice to your drinking water.

- Change your plate. But plates and bowls that restrict your portion size just by being smaller in size!

- Get a spicy boost with hot sauces and masala everything! Spices naturally boost metabolism and they are great for you!

- Instagram your food! When you share the pictures with the world, you are bound to eat healthy food and in just the right quantity!

- Restrict your salt intake. Just remove the salt shaker from your table. 

- Surround yourself with healthy snacks and throw out all unhealthy packaged food items in your cupboards.

- Include good proteins, carbs and fats in your diet. Do not cut out anything, just get your nutrients from good healthy sources.

- Eat a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and salads regularly. This is not only great for your weight control, it helps your health in many other ways too.

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