Secrets of a Long Life

By First Posted: Aug 20, 2017 Sun 3:41 PM
Secrets of a Long Life
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Do you ever wonder why some communities live longer than others? For instance, our Japanese friends are known to enjoy long lifespans. On the other hand, North Indians are known to fall prey to cardiac problems rather early. This is simple because of lifestyle and dietary habits that we follow as communities. Here are a few tips from world over that will help you in adding years to your life...

How to Increase your Lifespan

- Eating lesser is known to increase longevity. Reducing your calorific intake by 30% can make you live much longer.

- Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables everyday is also beneficial in improving life expectancy.

- Reducing intake of fatty and fried food items is also linked with good health and life expectancy.

- Eating good quality protein, garbohydrates and fats is considered healthy.

- Protein rich foods like beans, nuts, legumes, seeds etc is also beneficial for enjoying long life.

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