How to Fix a Rice Bowl Dinner

By First Posted: Aug 19, 2017 Sat 9:15 AM Updated: Feb 21, 2020 Fri 9:20 AM
How to Fix a Rice Bowl Dinner
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The rice bowl dinner is quite popular in  the West. The reason it is so popular is that when a woman comes home,the last thing she wants to do is cook a three course meal. Since family size is small (a lot of people live on their own), it is easy and convenient to fix dinners that don't demand too much effort. But convenience is not the only reason why rice bowls are super! The other reason to love a good rice bowl is that these meals can be super healthy!

Here is how to build your own healthy rice bowl"

There are 3 main ingredients to a good rice bowl.

1. The Grain: You have a choice in what kind of rice you want in your bowl. Some people prefer long grained rice like basmati, while some like the thicker varieties. You also need to think of how you want the rice to be cooked - plain boiled, jeera rice or pulav. You have many options to choose from!

2. Vegetables: A healthy meal cannot be formed without vegetables. You get all the vitamins and minerals from vegetables, so it is important to get a healthy dose of veggies in.your bowl. Go for colorful vegetables like peppers, carrots, avocados, tomatoes, kale, spinach etc.

3. The Protein: A well balanced meal must have some protein. If you are a non vegetarian, go for chicken or fish or eggs. For vegetarians, the choices are beans, paneer, tofu, chickpeas etc.

Pick out your seasonings and choose how you want to combine these ingredients. Many people love a hot sauce to go with their rice bowls, some poeple prefer to keep it light and homely. You can prepare a different kind of rice bowl each night!


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