How Does Gordon Ramsay Scramble His Eggs?

By First Posted: Aug 12, 2017 Sat 7:26 AM
How Does Gordon Ramsay Scramble His Eggs?
Image Credit: Robyn Cooks on Blogspot

Did you know that the egg bhurji we make in our kitchens would be considered  a massacre of eggs by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay? The perfect scrambled eggs are nothing like the popular egg bhurji in our country. According to culinary experts, scrambled eggs should be creamy, light, fluffy and soft.

So how does one make a batch of scrambled eggs that will pass the Gordon Ramsay test?

In a video found on the web, chef Gordon Ramsay has revealed the techniques of cooking a batch of p erfect scrambled eggs. Here is how it's done:

- In a pan, crack open 3 eggs

- Add a tablespoon of butter

- Turn on the gas and put the pan on a stove - start stirring the eggs

- After 30 seconds, take the pan off the stove - keep stirring

- After 20-30 seconds, put the pan back on the stove and continue to stir

- Repeat this alternate putting on heat and taking off heat till the eggs are almost cooked

- Add cream and seasonings in the last stages

- Take off the stove and garnish with herbs

Enjoy the perfect scrambled eggs with a piece of toast!

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