How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Online Suicide Games?

By First Posted: Aug 5, 2017 Sat 10:00 PM
How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Online Suicide Games?
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Nowadays online sites and internet access have made us wonder how beneficial or harmful it is for our children. Do you know recently a new game is viral amongst the large population that is promoting suicidal ideas? There are some online games that can make your kids go out of the line and take steps that are hard to be reversed. Online games like ‘Blue Whale’ is one of such games that made us worried after the news got viral that around 160 children died after playing this game.

So do you think your child is safe? If ‘no’ then here below are few tips on how to keep your kid safe from online suicide games.

Be involved in your child’s life: It is important that you take some personal time to spend with your kid regularly. Sometimes kids feel that they are alone and go ahead with some actions that are not suitable and can cause suicidal actions. Engage your kid in conversations about their lives and friends and feelings. If they spend a lot of time online, go to the sites they frequently visit and find out what they’re about.

Acknowledge your child’s values: Sometimes as a parent, you might overlook your child’s belief. This lack of confidence in your kid can make them go vulnerable and out of the sack. Children who fritter their whole lives just doing what their parents expect them to do and not what is truly important to them will always end up depressed.

Stop pressurizing: Avoid pressurizing your kid about their future regularly. It is seen that over pressurizing can actually create burden and make your child behave like a prisoner and depressed.

 Watch your kid’s diet: It may sound weird but If your child is depressed, make sure they are getting enough Omega 3s, Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Probiotics. Gut health has been directly linked to depression and anxiety. Cut out sugar and refined carbs.This will help your kid to enjoy their life as an individual.

So, keep the above few points in your mind in order to keep your kid safe from any danger from online suicidal games.

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