Body Shaming on Social Media: How to React?

By First Posted: Aug 5, 2017 Sat 8:18 PM Updated: Mar 7, 2019 Thu 8:35 AM
Body Shaming on Social Media: How to React?
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Social media is a wider platform that provides a non-stagnant attention from a large number of masses. Social media has no doubt increased connectivity and shorten communication gap but at the same time has made us conscious about how we speak and how we look. It is okay to have a right to speak but when that right becomes abusive to someone listening, it does not stand as a right but definitely quote as being unnecessarily judgemental.

One of the very common issues that prevail on Social Media is Body shaming. Body shaming is now a common topic that is so highlighted that one cannot express their body in fear of losing their self-identity and dignity. It is important that we take effective measure against people who promote body shaming in order to make ourselves comfortable.

Despite the growing support to avoid body shaming, people advocate the judgment of being fat and not perfect like models. There is an established notion, they say, that a thin, “conventionally pretty” woman or man is what all people should strive toward — and that anything outside that realm isn’t valued or worthy. If you come across any such body shaming scenarios, just ignore it as ignoring it will keep you dignified and worthy of being your own self. Until you feel comfortable in your own skin there is no one to mortify your looks and body shape.

It is common that many of us would say that they also struggle with body image. So in order to stop this hike of body shaming on social media, we must make sure that we won’t promote body shaming in any way possible and feel comfortable in our skin and body.

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