The Art of Making Perfect Pancakes!

By First Posted: Jul 27, 2017 Thu 6:37 AM Updated: Mar 6, 2019 Wed 8:23 AM
The Art of Making Perfect Pancakes!
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There is a reason why everyone loves a plate of perfect pancakes drizzled with syrup and topped with fruit. They are simple so amazing - but only when they are perfectly made. If you have tried making pancakes, and not been very succesful - this article is for you. If you have never tried making them, now's the time. Children love these pancakes, and they make for a good change from our traditional breakfast items.

How to Make Perfect Pancakes?

The recipe is quite simple: Mix up a batter using milk, eggs, baking powder and flour. Make the pancakes just like you would make a dosa or chilla, except that pancakes are much thicker.

How to Get them Right?

- Mix all ingredients except egg whites. Beat the egg whites seperately till peaks form. Add them into the mixture when you are ready to make the pancakes.

- Sift the flour before measuring it out. This makes sure that you do not add too much flour to your batter, which can make the pancakes quite lumpy and difficult to handle.

- Do not pres the pancakes to cook them quicker. Pressing them will remove all the air and they will not come out light and fluffy.

- Serve them hot. They are no good when they are not hot any more!

- Top them up generously with syrup, honey, chocolate syrup, berries, other fruit etc - according to your preference.

- If you don't like them sweet, top them with peppers, onion, cheese and fold to get a yummy dish.

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