What Not to Expect from Your First Date!

By First Posted: Jul 24, 2017 Mon 9:27 AM
What Not to Expect from Your First Date!
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Most young girls grow up with certain notions about love and romance. These notions are the byproduct of years of conditioning from watching films and reading Mills and Boons novels. But real life is hardly a romantic film or a noevl! When you enter the world of love, dating and relationships, things may seem completely different from what you expected. Unless you are aware of what to expect or not expect from your first date, it can be rather disappointing!

What Not to Expect from Your First Date

- He will compliment you for the lovely dress you are wearing: He may and he may not. Don't expect him to.

- He will drop you back home: Be prepared to make your way home yourself, because he might not be planning to drop you - unless you specifically ask him to.

- He is happy and content to just be in your presence: He's not! Almost every guy you date will want to get a little frisky even on the first date. Don't expect it to be otherwise.

- He wants to talk about your previous relationships: Past relationships belong in the past - let them stay there!

- It is his job to entertain you and keep the conversation going: No it's not! If you are not keeping up your end of the conversation, he will just get bored and may not want to see you again.

- He wants to click a selfie with you: Men don't think like you do. The first date may not be as big a moment for him as it might be for you. So don't expect him to want to treasure it - it's just a date yaar!

- He will take you to an expensive coffee shop: He might be cool with a walk in the park or a tea stall - who knows! 

The point is, don't expect him to conform to your ideas of romance and dating. Let him be the person he is, and you yourself should be the person you are. Don't allow books and films to define your relationship!

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