Chefs Reveal Most Common Mistakes We Make in the Kitchen

By First Posted: Jul 21, 2017 Fri 7:34 AM Updated: May 15, 2018 Tue 5:26 AM
Chefs Reveal Most Common Mistakes We Make in the Kitchen
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There is a culinary course we all take from our moms - we learn how to cook the traditional food eaten in the family. Most poeple who learn cooking from their mothers do a good job of cooking the family favorites. But a lot of people like to explore other kinds of cuisines today. We watch cookery shows on TV and feel inspired to try our hand at Spanish, Mexican, Continental etc. Many people try their luck at baking. But often these cooking endeavours do not bring the expected result. Why?

Top Chefs List Common Cooking Mistakes

1. Not seasoning your dish properly to taste.

2. Not tasting the dish at different stages.

3. Following the recipe to the gram, not modifying according to your taste and preference.

4. The reverse when baking! Baking needs exact measurements and exact procedures followed.

5. Not cleaning the work area as you go along.

6. Poor procurement. Buying fresh ingredients will make your dish so much better.

7. Not being organized in your kitchen.

8. Buying more than the quantity you need. This will usually result in food spoilage and wastage. Cooking a large batch will rarely get the results you want. A smaller batch always comes out tasting better!

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