Useful Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

By First Posted: Jul 17, 2017 Mon 10:52 AM Updated: Feb 18, 2019 Mon 8:58 AM
Useful Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen
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An average Indian woman spends two hours in the kitchen daily. This is possibly more than the time you spend in your washroom or even in your bedroom (awake) if you are a working woman. It makes obvious sense to invest time and effort into maximising your efficiency in the kitchen. If you can often not find things like spices, or tools etc in your kitchen, you are probably spending a lot more than just two hours cooking! 

Tips on Organizing your Kitchen

1. Don't store things you don't need. Often we store things like plastic spoons, disposable plates, glassware etc that we possibly got for free and don't feel like wasting. But in an attempt to not waste these things, you are wasting the space and efficiency of your kitchen! Go through all the drawers and shelves, throw out everything you don't use regularly.

2. When storing things in the pantry, group similar items together and store in the same spot. This makes it easy to find things when you need them.

3. Store food items in clear containers of glass or plastic. Steel jars and boxes used to be very popular, but it's a waste of time if you have to open every jar to know what's in it, right?

4. Keep a wall calander and a pen in the kitchen. This ca make your life easier, more sorted and organized. Just jot down everything on the calendar as soon as you think of it. Doctor appointments, kid's football, important meeting at work etc can all be put on the calendar.

5. Keep the referigerator clean and organized. Don't store things that are way past their expiry date or freshness date. Keep only food that is fresh and crisp!

6. Use organizing tools like muh hooks, rods and hangars to make it easier to use space and store things neatly and safely!

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