Things to Consider When Buying Your First Car

By First Posted: Jul 12, 2017 Wed 8:49 AM Updated: Jan 14, 2020 Tue 8:17 AM
Things to Consider When Buying Your First Car
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Buying a car is not a question or a dilemma any more. It is a natural progression of things, just like buying a house or an apartment. Having said that, buying your first car is usually a big deal. It signifies a lot of independence and confidence. It is also a big investment for a young person who has hardly any money to spare! This is why you must put a lot of thought into choosing your first car.

Things to Consider

1. Cost of Owning the Car: It is not just the price of buying the car, but also that of operating and maintaining it. You have to buy petrol for your car, pay for the insurance and also spend on day to day maintenance of the car. All these should be considered when making a choice.

2. Resale Value: How much can you resell your car for is a big factor when buying your first vehicle.

3. Maintenance: Is the car costly to maintain? Are parts easily available? Is the brand well known for after sales service?

4. Used vs New: Since you are buying your first car, resist the urge to buy a dream set of wheels! You will be likely to have some scrapes and dents as you start your driving journey. So it would make sense to buy a low cost vehicle that will not depreciate too much in the first year. You can always upgrade later!

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