Would You Like to Buy a Being Human e-Cycle?

By First Posted: Jul 11, 2017 Tue 8:45 PM Updated: Jul 11, 2017 Tue 8:47 PM
Would You Like to Buy a Being Human e-Cycle?
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Being Human is a standard brand from the time it was first launched and is growing its market in the worldwide sector. In the spirit of World Environment Day, a new expansion to the brand has come into existence. Recently Being Human unveiled Being Human E-Cycles as an extension to their brand and we are excited about it.

The brand disclosed two variants of the E-Cycle- BH27 and BH12. The variants will be accessible in four colors - white, yellow, red and black. Supplementary modifications will be obtainable for sale in a few months as well.

With the new launch of Being Human e-Cycle, the owner and the brand ambassador of Being Human, Salman Khan said, “I have always enjoyed cycling. It’s fantastic for leisure and sport. But people often drop the idea of using cycles when they have to travel long distances because of the effort involved. With the pedal assist and rechargeable motor support, Being Human E-Cycles make it easy and practical to cycle across both urban and not-so-urban areas.”

He further added, “Being Human was created with core values like ‘Love, Care and Share’ in mind. It supports education and healthcare. Buying the Being Human E-Cycles will help you get where you want with ease and do some good as well,”.

We are happy that the brand is appreciating the idea of cycling and using it to freshen up the new generation with the new approach towards being strong and fit. E-Cycles can help move us en route for sustainable city improvement and a survival urban environment as compared to the present scenario where vehicles are running using petrol or diesel. 

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