Is Sidharth Malhotra Really Sundar Susheel and Risky?

By First Posted: Jul 7, 2017 Fri 6:17 PM Updated: Jul 8, 2017 Sat 12:14 AM
Is Sidharth Malhotra Really Sundar Susheel and Risky?
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The entertainment world has been a place of experiment and new stories. Sidharth Malhotra is one of the experimental faces that have made audiences go wow with every performance from the beginning till now. The hunky star is soon to be coming back with a bang and this time the chocolate boy image will be portrayed in a creative way to make the storyline and the character more interesting.

Sidharth is a heartthrob of our nation but, is he really Sundar Susheel and Risky? Well, it seems like the star is making the statement go real. If you all don’t know then this is a new revelation that Sidharth and Jacqueline are coming together for a movie named ‘A Gentleman’ which has been crafting whitecaps for its title and for the infrequent pairing of “sundar, susheel” boy of Hindi film industry.

Recently the actor shared a sneak peak of the movie by sharing a snapshot from the movie set. While sharing the picture on the social media site, Sidharth tweeed, “I know a sundar, susheel man is totally your type! @Asli_Jacqueline, just like me-Gaurav! #AGentlemanSundarSusheelRisk.” Seeing the tweet, came a prompt reply from his female lead Jacqueline. Replying back to him, Jacqueline tweeted, “@S1dharthM haha!! Gaurav comes close, but I like the “Risky” vibe more! Meet him tomorrow at 10 am. Aren’t they both cute together?

The movie ‘A Gentleman’ is already making news and the good vibes are actually promoting the movie in a front way. 'A Gentleman' is directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK. It is the story of Gaurav (played by Sidharth), who adores his modest life. Jacqueline is playing the role of the female lead named Kavya, is all set to make things more hot and raunchy. The fun begins when trouble shoots Gaurav because of a misguided identity case and he is forced to drop the pan and pick up a gun, in order to protect himself and his girlfriend’s identity.

The movie will hit the theaters on August 25, 2017. We can’t wait to see both Sidharth and Jacqueline together on the big screen.

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