Can You Imagine Adnan Sami as the Bollywood Hero?

By First Posted: Jun 29, 2017 Thu 7:31 AM
Can You Imagine Adnan Sami as the Bollywood Hero?
Image Credit: Youtube

The first time our country fell in love with the voice of Adnan Sami, he was crooning his popular chartbuster "Lift Kara De". This English born musician has certainly come a long way since! Adnan has made beautiful music, lost all his excess weight, and even taken up the citizenship of India in the last few years. It is now time for Adnan to move forwards - and that is exactly what he is doing!

Adnan Sami is all set to play a musician in "Afghan - In Search of a Home". He is playing a character that holds some similarity to his real life persona. This character is a musician from Afghanistan who flees his country under very difficult circumstances and tries to carve out a new identity and home for himself. This is Adnan's first film project as an actor in India and he is super excited. 

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