Tips to Manage Your Diabetes

By First Posted: Jun 12, 2017 Mon 10:40 AM Updated: Apr 12, 2018 Thu 1:08 AM
Tips to Manage Your Diabetes
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Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that never  really goes away. There is no medicine to heal it, but there are ways to keep it in control. Here are a few tips that will help manage your diabetes and keep blood sugar regulated.

Tips to Manage Diabetes

1. Cook your own food. Food bought at supermarkets or even restaurants is high in sugar, salt and fat. When you cook your food yourself, you can choose all diabetes friendly ingredients.

2. If you feel the need for a sweet snack, choose fruit like berries, pears, grapefruit, oranges etc.

3. Walk off your calories. If you keep active, you can keep your blood sugar in control.

4. Meditate every day to keep stress at bay. Stress is bad for your health, so this is important.

5. Try to decrease your carb intake if you are struggling with diabetes control. Sugar in your blood is not only from sugary food items, even the carbs convert into sugar.

6. Check your sugar levels daily and also keep a check on your weight.

With these tips, you can control your diabetes and lead a healthy life.

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