5 Things You Should Never Buy Online.

By First Posted: May 28, 2017 Sun 7:12 PM Updated: Nov 27, 2019 Wed 10:55 AM
5 Things You Should Never Buy Online.
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With increasing technology and access to a wider marketplace, the consumption of any item is very easier than it was before. Web sites and online portals now serve almost every item from grocery to clothes in just one click. With this advancement of technology and fast service, every individual is not opting for online purchase than visiting stores.

Despite the ease of things – and besides the fact that you'd turn into a creepy hermit if you buy totally everything online – there remain a few items you're better off purchasing in person. Yet with the high availability of online market and ready delivery, there are some items/things that you should never buy online.

Here, below are the 5 things that you should think before buying from any online platform.

Cars and Bikes: If you are planning to purchase a new vehicle and preferring to buy it from any online site, please note that online car listings are good for making price comparisons but to actually make the purchase you need to go to a car showroom and take a test drive and then purchase.

Wall paint: If you need to paint your house wall then purchasing paint from any online portal is not a smart decision to take. Take your valuable butt to visit a paint store and see the color for yourself and then purchase. So, that you will be certain of the shade that you exactly want for your wall.

Prescription drugs: Drugs and medicines are very crucial and need proper clinical attention while purchasing it. Every time you want prescription drugs for your medication, always prefer going to a nearby store for it.

Designer knockoffs: Online sites look fancy with designer labels and discounts on it, but before taking a decision to purchase any designer attire online make sure they aren’t fake. To save yourself from the discomfiture of wearing fake logos avoid buying counterfeit items off the web.

Slippers and Boots: There is no way to return if you buy any shoe or slipper online that doesn’t fit you. There are always some discrepancies in size when it comes to shoes if you buy them online. Try to go to a nearby shoe store and buy your perfect size shoe.

Above given are the 5 things that you should never buy online.

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