Foods You Should Not Consume After Exercising

By First Posted: May 24, 2017 Wed 11:54 AM
Foods You Should Not Consume After Exercising
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A lot has been written about food items you should consume before and after a workout. But there is not much information about things that would make poor choices for a post workout snack.

What Should Not Be Your Post Workout Snack?

- Any soda: You may be hot and sweat, the sight of a chilled cola bottle might be too tempting. But learn to say no. Your body needs to rehydrate after the workout, but the soda will only dehydrate you further. So go for plain water.

- Spicy food: Your body needs quick energy after exercising. But hot and spicy food is hard to digest and assimilate, so spices are best left to some other time.

- Store bought smoothies: Whether you purchased the smoothie, or the smoothie mix, this is not a good choice as it is very high in sugar. Try to make your smoothies at home from scratch, making them high in protein and low in sugar.

- Fatty fried snacks: This is another poor snack choice that delays the delivery of nutrients and energy to your body because the fatty food products are hard to digest quickly.

- Simple carbs: Eating white bread or pasta can negate the effects of your workout by making digestion difficult and also making your metabolism sluggish!

- Energy bars: They are being touted and sold as high protein bars that are great after a workout. But in reality most bars are just loads of sugar and low protein. You could try making your own high protein-low sugar energy bar.

Sports drinks: You will see them at every gym, but these drinks are as full of sugar as any soda. There is no way these drinks are a good snack after your exercise.

- Raw veggies: Your body needs raw veggies, but not right after a workout. What your body needs after exercising is a good dose of protein and energy!

It might seem that you have very few things to choose from, but this is not really true! Watch this space for more information about what will constitute a healthy post exercise snack!

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