Will the Supreme Court Judgment on Nirbhaya Case Deter Rapists?

By First Posted: May 7, 2017 Sun 6:52 PM
Will the Supreme Court Judgment on Nirbhaya Case Deter Rapists?
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2012 is a year that always reminds us of time of cruelty and female foeticide. We are still refreshed with the black memories of Nirbhaya case. If we think that humanity is no longer surpassing law, then the news of Supreme Court will surprise you. The verdict of the SC is all favoring Indian citizens and finally, we think that Indian law is giving justice to Nirbhaya who was in need of it for past 5 years now.

The Supreme Court on Friday upheld the Delhi High Court and trial court decision to citation death to all four convicts on December 16, 2012, gang rape and murder. The judgment was received with an ovation from those in the court. The convicts’ lawyer, AP Singh, however, said that they will file a review petition in the apex court.

The rapists from the case were still free from any penalty that actually suits their deed and finally, the innocent girl from Delhi is getting the justice which should have been served way back. But even with the delay, we are glad that justice has finally overshadowed evil deed of the four rapists.

The Supreme Court, that was hearing pleas by the convicts against the High Court and sessions court judgment, said,”If ever a case called for hanging, this was it.” The criminals had been awarded death sentence by the fast-track court, which was upheld by the Delhi High Court. The execution had stayed after the four convicts — Mukesh (27), Pawan (20), Vinay (21) and Akshay (29) — moved the top court. The fifth accused, Ram Singh, had allegedly committed suicide while in jail. The sixth accused, who was a minor at the time of the crime, was granted three years in a correction facility by Juvenile Justice Board. He was released from the home in November 2015.

So, will the Supreme Court judgment on the Nirbhaya case deter rapists? We hope the decision of Supreme Court brings light to Indian society and give a warning to all rapists around the nation to think about their integrity before doing any deed that is against human morale.

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