The Best Core Exercise to Lose That Muffin Top

By First Posted: Apr 30, 2017 Sun 9:56 AM
The Best Core Exercise to Lose That Muffin Top
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There are three distinct types of workouts that fitness maniacs swear by. Weight training is the most favourite for some people, some people love aerbics, and for some people yoga is the most loved workout. But there is one core exercise that everyone agrees is really effective at getting into shape. It is the humble plank. Done without any gear or equipment, planks are an integral part of yoga, but are also included in every gym workout simply because they are so effective at strengthening your core and getting a flabby middle into shape.

How to do a Plank

The most basic plank is done by following these steps:

- Get down on your knees

- Bend forward and place both your elbows on the floor, placing the forearms on the floor in front

- Take both legs back one by one, stretching them completely behind you

- Hold the pose for 20 seconds

- Gradually increase the holding time to 2-3 minutes.

Doing planks regularly improves your core strength, makes your back muscles stronger and less prone to injury, improves metabolism, improves balance, and also has some mental benefits. With so many benefits to gain from the humble planks, can you ignore them any longer?


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