Things Nobody Told You About IVF

By First Posted: Apr 27, 2017 Thu 2:26 AM Updated: Feb 22, 2018 Thu 3:58 AM
Things Nobody Told You About IVF
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One of the biggest victims of modern lifestyle is our fertility. As a nation we are becoming lesser and lesser fertile. On one hand, it is a good thing that the population is no longer growing at an alarming rate! But on the other  hand, there are so many couples longing for a child...

IVF is the saviour that everyone is now turning to when they cannot reproduce naturally. We have heard so many success stories that now IVF seems like going shopping for potatoes. You go to the clinic, pay them, and voila! You have a baby! But this is nowhere near the reality. If you are struggling with infertility, IVF certainly be the answer you are looking for. But you need to everything there is to know before you go for your IVF treatment.

Things Nobody Told You About IVF

- It's damn expensive! One cycle of IVF can cost anywhere between 2-5 lakhs. Not everyone can afford to pay up this kind of mney!

- Nothing is guaranteed. Though many people do see success within the first three cycles, IVF simply does not work for some people. So no doctor or clinic will give you any guarantees.

- It is pretty intrusive. If you don't know much about fertility treatments, you need to find out as much detail as possible. You will be poked with needles, go through trans vaginal scans, have a little outpatient surgery to retrieve eggs, and generally go through a lot before the cycle ends.

- Depression is a part of the treatment. Each failed cycle will feel like a miscarriage. You begin the cycle pumped with hope and joy, bear the pain, pay up the money, but in the end if it is a failed cycle, you can't help feeling depressed.

- You may not have as many eggs as you think! As we age, our eggs go down in number and in quality. So age does matter when it comes to success of IVF.

- You may need some help from other unknown people. For some people IVF can only work if they accept an egg donor or a semen donor if the husband has fertility issues. This may seem like a lot to process, but you have to deal with it.

- There are side effects. When they are pumping your body with hormones, you cannot expect to get away without any side effects!

- Pregnancy does not always mean you get a baby. Many couples who get pregnant with IVF still end up without a baby because the pregnancy did not last full term.

This is no to demotivate you, but just to prepare you for the world of IVF that you are about to enter. If you know what to expect, the ride will seem easier!

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