Do We Really Need Prohibition as Advocated by Nitish Kumar?

By First Posted: Apr 25, 2017 Tue 7:47 PM
Do We Really Need Prohibition as Advocated by Nitish Kumar?
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Banning liquor and alcohol is a major concern when it comes to becoming a better place and societal upliftment. Well, if we go with the words of Nitish Kumar, he has proposed a petition for the prohibition of liquor consumption in the entire nation.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Saturday advocated prohibition across India, saying that it would unite all sections of the society. “Every religion is against the consumption of liquor. All-India prohibition can help unite all people and all religions,” said Kumar, whose government has imposed prohibition in Bihar.

While proposing his prohibition of consuming liquor, Kumar also added, “This is dangerous. Bihar became a dry state and did not suffer in terms of revenue. Tax collection through consumption and sale of liquor was Rs 5,000 crore but I would not waste Rs 10,000 crore of people’s money in a poor state like Bihar on liquor-purchase. There hasn’t been much dent in revenue collection. The number of accidents on highways has come down and tourism had increased in Bihar post-prohibition.

It is the matter fact that no religion promotes liquor consumption and banning the consumption will bring a bigger and united society that will help India grow to more heights than it already is. Mr. Kumar while addressing the meeting spoke about how women are depressed because of their husband’s regular liquor consumption. Kumar also spoke how the prohibition will increase country’s infrastructure and affect the nation’s generation in a positive way.

So, do you all agree with the proposal that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar made for a nation-wide prohibition of liquor?

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