What Makes Potatoes The Most Loved Comfort Food Around the World?

By First Posted: Apr 21, 2017 Fri 7:59 PM Updated: Oct 10, 2019 Thu 6:50 AM
What Makes Potatoes The Most Loved Comfort Food Around the World?
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We are always hungry when we see a ready meal that tastes and smell good. Do you know, potatoes are the most commonly used food item all around the world. Well, there is hardly anybody who has not tasted any potato dish in their lifetime and has not gone wow with it. Potato is termed to be the most loved comfort food around the world and we can’t agree less.

Potatoes are full of steamy vitamins. People are only afraid of in taking potato on a regular basis just because of the high amount of carbohydrate it delivers with every bite. Well, no wonder we're resisting our favorite comfort food because of the 'C' factor, but just for the information potatoes are the strong ingredients when it comes to body growth. While potatoes are certainly high in carbohydrates, that's actually a flattering characteristic. Carbs are our body's preferred fuel source, and potatoes are rich in energy-producing carbohydrates, not to mention other essential micronutrients.

Potato is the only food item that can be prepared in any form of a dinning dish, from crushed to smashed to deep fry, all of them tastes delicious. The waxy-textured potatoes are popular for sweltering, roasting, and for use in salads, stews, soups, and scalloped dishes because they hold their shape well after cooking.

In everyday life, if there is any food item prepared without potato it looks like the food preparation is incomplete. It is less known to various people that eating regular potatoes ensures good sleep and fewer indigestion problems. Potatoes are the smart add to any dish look stuffed and decorative.

So, if you are afraid of eating potatoes on a regular basis, start engulfing it now.


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