4 Things You Should Never Search on Your Office Computer.

By First Posted: Apr 18, 2017 Tue 7:22 PM Updated: Oct 7, 2019 Mon 6:42 AM
4 Things You Should Never Search on Your Office Computer.
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As crazy as it sounds, you should be alert while searching anything on your office computer. When you are working you are expected to devote your full attention towards the workflow and not just searching personal issues on the internet. It is important that we take a note to be cautious while searching anything on our office computer.

If you don’t know, get it noted clearly that you are always monitored at your workplace. To avoid any kind of unnecessary hurdle from your workplace, it is important that you take some measures and mark out things that you should never search on your office computer.

Here below are 4 things you should never search on your office computer:

  • Website related to your side hustle: It is very important that we are focused on the job we are roped into. If you are planning on a part time job or already doing a job apart from your full time, please be cautious while searching anything online on your office computer. Numerous employees have been fired when they've been caught running their own business.
  • Social media chatting: Another very common activity that people in the workplace usually do is that they open up their social media accounts and invest their time on chatting with their friends. This kind of act is found offensive and immoral.
  • Searching for another Job: It is okay to be ambitious, but broadcasting your inhibitions in an online portal isn’t permissible. It is found very offensive if you are found searching for another job profile in your workplace on your office computer.
  • Anything pertaining to dating and relationships: It's best to avoid splashing your love life across your work computer's search history. It will get you highlighted for all wrong reasons.

In order to be on a safer side stop doing any of the above activities and enjoy the work you do.

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