A Working Woman's Guide to Making Quick Breakfast

By First Posted: Apr 11, 2017 Tue 6:47 PM Updated: Apr 11, 2017 Tue 6:49 PM
A Working Woman's Guide to Making Quick Breakfast
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Women, in general, are very sacrificial and always think of other people’s queries first. We all know that in this modern world, man and woman are moving with the same speed towards growth and modernization. In this rush life, it is necessary for working Women’s to take care of themselves and their family. We all know the importance of Breakfast. So, have you ever imagined how working women balance preparing food and also making themselves ready for their office?

If you are a working woman and you feel like skipping your breakfast, just to reach your office on time or to keep your schedule intact, believe me, breakfast is the most important meal of all the three and skipping is not going to help you in long run.

Here we have some very easy and quick breakfast foods that will help you satisfy your hunger and also make you energetic and efficient for the rest of the day.

-Fruit salad: Fruit salad is the easiest breakfast item to prepare and eat. It hardly takes around 5-10 minutes to cut the raw fruits and eat them. Fruits are a good source of vitamins and fiber and will keep you fresh and energetic for the rest of the day.

-Sandwich: Well, if you haven’t noticed, Sandwich preparation hardly takes any time. Just grab the bread and rub some jam or butter in it and you are ready to go. Sandwich is an easy go when it comes to time-saving and satisfying your tummy.

-Boiled Eggs: Well, as hard as it sounds. Boiled eggs are one of the best breakfast items to consume in a regular busy schedule. Boiled eggs are full of protein and are heavy to keep you going for a long day with full of energy.

-Oats and milk: Oats and milk mixture will keep you healthy and strong. In every busy day, you can very easily prepare Oats and milk mixture. It hardly takes 10 minutes to pour milk in the raw oats.

Hope the above few breakfast items will keep you stuffed and strong.


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