Fat Shaming: How to Deal With It?

By First Posted: Apr 7, 2017 Fri 2:57 AM
Fat Shaming: How to Deal With It?
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Are you aware that as you let people around you badger you with comments about your weight. there is a new uprising in th world! The body positive movement is an attempt to be assertive and demand respect - even when you are not in your best shape! It is an attempt to educate people about how crude and insensitive their well-meaning remarks are! There is a lot you can do to stop people from feeding you negative body reviews and advice.

How to Deal with Body Shaming

While some poeple are outright hateful and mean in their fat shaming comments, many people have noble intentions behind their rude comments. But keeping all that aside, you should try these things to educate everyone about your basic right to respect and dignity.

- Do not be apologetic about your weight. If you think you need to lose weight, just try to do it. Do not feel apologetic towards anybody.

- Try to culture a body positive mentality. Stop thinking of yourself as fat. This is not all you are, it is just  dimension of your personality. Do not allow people to define you as fat!

- When at work, do not avoid eating with others. Again, do not feel apologetic about eating a proper meal!

- Don't fall into the dieting trap. Usually people have more respect for overweight people when they are 'on a diet'. Crash dieting never works anyway! If you really want to lose weight, eat sensibly and get exercise.

- On social media, gaters will often post fat shaming comments on your pictures. Do not allow these people to bully you into deleting their comments or taking off your pictures. Post a few more! 

You should never allow nybody to hurt your self respect and dignity by making rude comments about how you look. The only reason why you ever try to lose weight should be simply because you want to - not because others expect you to. People around you will treat you with respect and dignity only when you do so. So first of all, stop fat shaming yourself.

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